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Who Am I

Hi All!  Hope you are having a fantastic day!  Thanks for checking out my page and look forward to getting to know you better!

I'm a video enthusiast, Cine-File, Film geek, Foodie who just so happens to shoot wedding films as well haha!  "Don't take me out now coach!" I've been in the game of shooting weddings for 20 years and I love it every bit now than I did when I first started!  Every wedding is a new adventure, a new experience and connecting with couples to create a part of that experience is what fuels my passion of wedding filmmaking! 

When I'm not shooting you'll probably catch me in the theater watching the latest movie, podcasting with friends, traveling, searching for Food Trucks or relaxing at home watching some NBA Basketball with a White Russian cocktail. Ah! The little things in life! 

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